Vinyl Decal Services
Standalone or Magnetic

Decal Measurements
inches 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
4 a a a a a b b
6 a a b b b b c
8 b b b b c c c
10 b b c c c d d
12 b c c d d d e
15 c c d d e e e
20 c d e e e f f
25 d e e f f f g
30 e e f f g g g
35 e f f g g g h
40 e f f g g h h
45 f f g g h h i
50 f g g h h i i
Rate Schedule
1 color Difficulty 1 Difficulty 2 Difficulty 3 Magnetic Option Background Option
Level 'a' 4.44 5.44 6.44 +1.00 +1.00
Level 'b' 4.87 5.87 6.87 +1.50 +1.00
Level 'c' 6.11 7.36 8.61 +2.50 +1.50
Level 'd' 7.49 8.74 10.24 +3.25 +2.00
Level 'e' 8.96 10.71 12.46 +5.00 +2.50
Level 'f' 10.78 12.53 14.78 +7.00 +3.50
Level 'g' 13.71 15.96 17.96 +11.50 +4.50
Level 'h' 17.70 19.70 21.70 +17.00 +6.00
Level 'i' 18.49 21.49 24.49 +20.00 +7.50
Other Fees
Graphic Design - Plain Text $5
Graphic Design - High Res Bitmap/Jpeg approx. $20
Graphic Design - From Scratch approx. $30
Graphic Design - Exceeding Difficulty $80/hour
Packaging (Handling) Charges $3
Prices listed are for single (mono) color decals using opaque vinyl stock and while accurate for 95% of the designs some may need to be quoted as required. Multiple Color decals need to be quoted, but for a reasonable estimate, treat each color as a separate decal and measure the area in which that color occupies, add up the amounts for each color for the total. Metallic and Frosted vinyl rates are higher. (Rates subject to change.)

How to Submit Artwork
Preferred format is .EPS (Encapulated Postscript) Version 3 or earlier or .AI (Adobe Illustrator) version 6 or earlier format. Please "break apart" any text in the files into shapes/curves. Please also convert all lines to fills, this is to limit the number of rejected artwork due to common incompatibilties with files between varying vector design applications. If you do not have a vector based artwork file then Graphic Design charges will apply. Next best format to submit artwork then is in a high-resolution (100DPI+) bitmap. If your job is straight text, please submit the name of the font you wish to use as well as some alternates incase we do not have the chosen font on-hand. A bitmap or jpg showing what you want the decal to say in the font you want helps us match fonts as many are very similar and some even have different names. Wired may request a deposit for any magnetic, metallic or large size (area or quantity) orders.
  1. Submit Files to along with quantity and color requirments, as well as any information pertaining to shipping requirements. (no executables)
  2. Upon receipt of the artwork, we will attempt to open it. If the file is not readable by our software you will be notified to resubmit the work in a usable format or provide the option to re-develop the artwork in a usable format. If the artwork is usable then a "proof" jpg will be sent back to you to verify that our software is drawing the image properly along with the job quote and delivery date.
  3. Accept the proof by responding to the email.
  4. Work is then commenced. You can then pick up your decal(s) at the pre-arranged event or if you chose, whenever they arrive via mail.

Available Colors (subject to supplier availability)

Opaque Colors
  • Gloss White
  • Matte White
  • Almond
  • Dove Gray
  • Signal Gray
  • Mercury Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Nimbus Grey
  • Gloss Black
    • Matte Black
    • Burgundy
    • Dark Red
    • Deep Red
    • Cardinal Red
    • Tomato Red
    • Mid Red
    • Poppy Red
    • Orange Red
    • Dark Orange
    • Imitiation Gold
    • Melon
    • Buttercup
    • Sunflower Yellow
    • H.O. Lemon
    • Lime Green
    • Apple Green
    • Vivid Green
    • Kelly Green
    • Green
    • Bright Green
    • Forest
    • Deep Forest
    • Traffic Green
    • Teal
    • Dark Aqua
    • Turquoise
    • Light Aqua
    • Light Blue
    • Olympic Blue
    • Intense Blue
    • Vivid Blue
    • Sapphire Blue
    • Viking Blue
    • Midnight Blue
    • Brit Blue
    • Navy
    • Royal Purple
    • Violet
    • Magenta
    • Beige
    • Deep Mahogany Brown
    Metallic Colors
    • Lavender
    • Deep Purple
    • Raspberry
    • Magenta
    • Camel
    • Brown
    • Chocolate
    • Gloss Clear
    • Matte Clear
    • Silver
    • Pewter
    • Charcoal
    • Bright Gold
    • Light Gold
    • Autumn Gold
    • Dark Gold
    • Blue
    • Burgundy Met.
    • Moulin Rouge
    • Thistle
    • Magenta Met.
    • Medium Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Blue Mist
    • Mallard
    • Dark Jadestone
    • Mayan Green
    • Pacific Green
    • Sea Foam
    • Dark Tundra
    • Brown Met
    • Nutmeg
    • Light Pewter
    • Light Briar Brown
    Also available in Frosted/Etched Glass Style

    Custom Decal Difficulty Examples

    Both Feet In (on front spoiler) - D.Lev 2
    Wired Motorsports Decal (body) - D.Lev (at that size)

    Wired Motorsports Logo (on door) - D.Lev 3
    URL's (below door) - D.Lev 2
    Number Plate - D.Lev 2
    Wired Motorsports Windshield Banner - D.Lev 3 (on hood) - D.Lev 1
    Auto Cosmetic Logo (drivers side rear bumper) - D.Lev 2

    Both Feet In (side pod) - D.Lev 2
    Canadian Linen (nose) - D.Lev 3
    Candian Flag + Driver Name - D.Lev 2
    Carbontec URL - D.Lev 1
    Car Number (#7) - D.Lev 1
    "Make $$$" (spoiler) - D.Lev 1
    "Kartbahn Indoor Karting" - D.Lev 1

    If your design is more complicated than these, then they will have to be quoted on. Basically, the smaller the decal, the more difficult it is to work with. So a large decal with a Difficulty Level of 2, could easily be a Level 3 at half or less the size.

    At most sizes we're roughly 1/3rd the cost of most vinyl shops or services, these are introductory prices only to launch the service, available for a limited time.

    Wired Motorsports Originals
    We here at Wired Motorsports are all about performance and our decals are no different. Here we try to, if you'll excuse the pun, limit your rice intake.

    Tally Plates
    This "tally plate" is designed for the driver (or car) coming into his or her own. They're winning the odd class battle but taking 2nd and 3rds here and there too.

    Kit Includes:
    • Main Frame Decal (17.25"x5.5")
    • 3 Optimistic FTD Decals
    • 10 1st Place Wheels
    • 10 2nd Place Wheels
    • 10 3rd Place Wheels

    Price: $19.95 ea (black or white) Options: +$3.25 (magnetic), +$2.00 (opaque background) - assemble yourself.
    This "tally plate" is designed for the driver (not the car) who's likes to rack up the 1st place finishes. They're winning most of their events and need a surefire way to intimidate all the soccer moms in their minivans.

    Kit Includes:
    • Main Frame Decal (17.25"x4")
    • 3 Inevitable FTD Decals
    • 2 "x10" Win Decals
    • 20 Wheel Decals

    Price: $19.95 ea (black or white) Options: +$3.25 (magnetic), +$2.00 (opaque background) - assemble yourself.
    This "tally plate" is designed for the driver who's reeling in the 1st place wins and wants everyone to know it. In fact, he's so good, he needs to keep track of his FTD's and overall wins. Basically this is for the people the other competitors at events whispers about and aims to beat. This is the plate the head of WMS runs on his car. :) Coincidence? We think so.

    Kit Includes:
    • Main Frame Decal (17.25"x7.5")
    • 3 Sure-Thing FTD Decals
    • 2 "x10" Decals
    • 20 Wheel Decals

    Price: $21.95 ea (black or white) Options: +$3.25 (magnetic), +$2.00 (opaque background) - assemble yourself.
    This "tally plate" is designed for the driver who has transcended FTD's and Class Win's and now likes to blow up engines. Inspired by D. Pratte of OTC Fame. This plate is designed especially for your Honda Hybrid drivers out there who can throw everything but a kitchen sink in your car.

    Kit Includes:
    • Main Frame Decal (17.25"x7.5")
    • 20 4-Cyl Long Block Decals
    • Customized Engine Types
    • Customized Name Side-Bar

    Price: $1,000,000.00

    FTD, x10, Wheel Refill Kits - Set of 20 "FTD", "x10" or Steering Wheel decals - Price: $9.95 ea.

    This is the real performance stick-on mod right here. There's nothing like "Spoooooooooooooooooooooooon" power. Total JDM (Japanese Decal Mod) power... This decal is encouraged for racers (not ricers) who have spoon mods (or not, it's funny either way).

    Size: 9.5" x 2.0" - Price: $5.95 ea.
    In the tradition of "fear this" comes "Calvin peeing on Calvin peeing". Let's hope this one too can end the madness!

    Size: 6.5" x 7.0" - Price: TBA

    Whether it's ITA, GT, Rally, AutoX or Solo, these look great on race cars... R-A-C-E, not S-T-R-E-E-T.
    Available with Canadian Flag only at this time. Other flags available by custom order.

    Qty: 2 (dual color)
    Size: 1.5" High x (up to) 15.0" Wide each
    Price: $12.95 / set
    Ricist and proud of it? Tell da boyz what time it is in a font readable only to the initiated, with the first two in a series of "Ricist #1" decals to help put an end to wasteful spending on neon blue windshield washer nozzle's and 18" rims which could otherwise be spent on R-Compounds and Entry Fees.

    #1: Size: 1.5" x 12" - Price: $6.95 ea.
    #1: Size: 2.0" x 16" - Price: $7.95 ea.
    #2: Size: 1.0" x 15" - Price: $6.95 ea.
    #2: Size: 1.5" x 20" - Price: $7.95 ea.
    The Problem: Lately there has been a growing concern that insurance industry types who may come across an insured vehicle on a messageboard, TV, or the newspaper will report the plates thereby jacking up or canceling that drivers insurance. For the most part people are removing their license plates at events and/or covering them up with series sponsor decals, which isn't a terribly attractive solution.

    The Solution: - Wired Motorsports License Plate Replacements! Yes, now your car can wear it's own snazzy Event-Only license plate(s) and you can drop those personally identifying MOT/DOT plates.

    The Details: - "White Enamel Covered 12x6" Metal Plate with 4 mounting holes". Weighing in at less than 150grams you can rest assured you're actually lightening your car with these on over your regular plates! These are another perfect and non-permanent way of getting your message out at events, whether it's something ingeniously clever like "PISS OFF INSURANCE AGENT, THIS ISN'T DANGEROUS, THE CAR WILL BE FINE", or... your favorite club logo or a sponsor logo you're gonna show it off in style with Wired Motorsports License Plate Replacements.

    Color: White
    Size: 12" Wide x 6" High each
    Price: $24.95 for 1 or $39.95 for 2

    Note: Non-white colours are available. Contact for more details.
    NOTE: All prices on this page are in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and subject to GST.