Canada's Motorsports Community Services

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This site is about community Motorsports. Amateur and Grassroots disciplines such as amateur Regional Racing, Solo 1 (Time Trial on a Road Course), Solo 2 (AutoCross/AutoX in a Parking Lot), ProSlalom (Head-to-Head Solo2/AutoX). It can easily be about more (Rally Racing, and sanctioned Drag Racing) but that depends on the contributors. Our concentration is on a level that typically doesnít get much attention, but it is where many get started and it is surprisingly easy to get into. This site offers information, stories, opinion, photos, videos, results and scheduling of many regional Motorsports Events along with some unique findings throughout the Internet.

Anyone is welcome to contribute event schedules, news releases, promotional messages, news items, results, photos, clips etc. The more contribution the more variety, the better the site.

The idea of this Service (Community) site is to promote the sport and provide tools to help each club's site promote the sport as well. The site is generic and covers scheduling of events from a number of clubs and a different regions in Canada. We are trying to bring the regional groups together in some minor fashion. Sharing a Calendar while maintaining a private Calendar is part of the answer. These tools are databases with input and editing abilities for members to manage their own entries while benefiting from the community entries. Anyone can make these entries, your Club President, the Secretary anyone you don't have to be a web expert to keep you Calendar happening.

This community does not replace the current club or association web sites. This site hosts services that existing sites can take advantage of by reducing their operating and maintenance costs and duplication of effort and allow them to concentrate on club specifics.

The site exists to promote and discuss the various amateur or grassroots motorsports. We have strong ties in Ontario as well at Atlantic Canada and are happy to fill in the gaps with submissions from other areas across North America. Do you compete in Solo 1 in Quebec? Great, want to help your sport and its your turn-out? Write up a little summary for the next event. Email us some digital photos. We'll be more than happy to place them on the site. Rally in Nova Scotia? AutoX in Vancouver? The idea is to be a community, a resource, for competitors like you across North America (and with the right amount of contribution, perhaps even across the globe!)

The core of the community site is the News Pages then the Calendar, Links and Forum pages. These tools do not detract from the personalized value of each club's site, they can enhance it. It takes the tedium tasks and simplifies them and makes them more manageable while providing an easy promotional method of keeping the public informed. No one will have to re enter AMP's schedule. AMP enters his or her schedule once and it is available to everyone. AMP makes a correction and it is there everywhere.

Viewership, as well as new content is consistent and on the rise, we turn to sponsorship to keep up with the load and the demand. That said, you can rest assured that the site will never use banner ads that we do not control. There will never be any Gambling or Porno promotion. Itís not that we have anything against these pastimes, we just donít find it is appropriate for our audience.

You will see some sampling of images in calendars etc that promote an event or club. Clubs may submit graphics free and we will find a spot to display them on the site. Commercial enterprises may view our sponsorship rate pages to learn more about promotion on Wired Motorsports and with Wired Racing.

Please email your questions and/or comments to info@wiredmotorsports.com.